CBDPure CBD Sublingual Oral Spray

SWIFT is a sublingual spray containing cannabidiol (CBD). While many CBD products also contain THC and other phytocannabinoids, SWIFT is formulated using a CBD “isolate” which is the purest form of CBD. It is therefore non-psychoactive, non-habit forming, and safe to use daily with no side effects whatsoever.

A Superior CBD delivery system

The SWIFT formula represents a breakthrough in CBD consumption. Engineered for maximum purity, bioavailability and convenience, leading scientists and experts spent 24 months developing SWIFT – a superior CBD delivery system in an easy-to-use sublingual spray. Every bottle of SWIFT contains 300mg of highly concentrated, non-psychoactive CBD. The formula is atomized and broken down into tiny CBD particles for sublingual absorption, by-passing the digestive process that traditional CBD tinctures must undergo.

Quality starts at the source

Our CBD is derived from hemp grown in Colorado using organic standards. This ensures there are no harmful herbicides, pesticides or other dangerous chemicals used during cultivation. Before SWIFT is formulated, it begins as CBD “phytocannabinoids” within luscious, vibrant hemp plants grown by family farmers with diligence and love.

Pure CBD isolate

In our commitment to offering a truly exceptional product, we use an environmentally friendly CO2 extraction process that produces ultra-pure CBD. SWIFT contains CBD without any THC or other phytocannabinoids.

Additionally, we do rigorous quality testing throughout the production process. As soon as our CBD is extracted from hemp, we test it for any impurities whatsoever. Every batch of SWIFT is carefully tested again once it has been bottled and is ready for consumption.

You deserve the best!

The final result is an exquisite, high-potency CBD product that’s easy to use on the go. Each spray of SWIFT contains 3.3 mg of CBD.

Because of SWIFT’s advanced delivery system, you’re getting the beneficial effects of CBD within 2-3 minutes of use (while traditional methods take 10-40 minutes).

Top quality, safe & legal

  • 300 mg per Bottle
  • Rapid Absorption Formula
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Legal in All 50 States

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