What is Delta-8 THC?

All you should know about Delta-8 THC products

Delta-8 THC is a sub-group of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). THC is a large group of cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant. The THC family contains several cannabinoids, including Delta-9 (commonly known as THC), Delta-8 THC, and more.  Delta-9 THC is the most psychoactive member of the cannabinoid family and often the most popular cannabinoid. Delta-9 THC is popular due to its ability to trigger a psychoactive effect in users.

THC, as a family of cannabinoids, is highly concentrated in the majority of cannabis strains. Their ability to directly interact with the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1 receptors) has gained several attentions in the provision of analgesic, neuroprotective, antioxidant, orexigenic, and antiemetic properties.

Why am I just hearing about Delta-8 THC?

Although Delta-8 THC share some similarities with the highly psychoactive and most researched cannabinoid (THC), information on its possible therapeutic use, common side effects, and interaction with other cannabinoids is quite rare thanks to the limited concentration of the compound in the cannabis plant. It is becoming popular due to the increased interest in its milder psychoactive activities backed by new extraction methods that are able to extract it from the cannabis plant with ease.

Differences between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC

Although Delta-8 THC may share some similarities with Delta-9 THC, their mode of activity and possible effects on the body differ a lot. Delta-8 THC became popular due to its relationship with delta-9 THC.

Since Delta-8 and Delta-9 CBD share some similarities in their molecular structure, their only differences will be in the interaction with cannabinoid receptors and their possible effects. The commonly encountered differences between delta-8 and delta-9 THC have been summarized under the following headings:

Arrangement of atoms

Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC are chemically different due to the presence of a double bond in their structure. While Delta-8 has the double bond placed on the 8th carbon, delta-9 has the double bond at the 9th position, hence the names. These bonds, to a large extent, determine how the compounds interact with the receptors. It is the reason delta-8 THC produces a slightly milder effect than Delta-9 THC.

Psychoactive effects

Delta-8 THC produces a less psychoactive effect than Delta-9 THC, thus allowing it to be freely included in cannabis products without the fear of experiencing altered mental states. Delta-9 has been documented to induce feelings of anxiety in users, while delta-8 THC assists people in dealing with these challenges.

Legal status

While the 2018 farm is clear on the legal status of most cannabinoid products, it is quite unclear if Delta-8 THC is illegal or not. At the time of writing this article, Delta-8 THC and its products are legal in regions where CBD is legal as long as they are extracted from hemp and not cannabis.

Relaxation effects

There is a greater likelihood of Delta-9 THC inducing feelings of elation rather than relaxation. This is seen in its direct interaction with the CB1 receptors. Most people have reported feeling unusually high after taking Delta-9 THC. This is not the case with Delta-8 THC. The arrangement of its atoms allows it to interact with the CB1 receptors and trigger the release of feel-good hormones that promote relaxation. Remember that Delta-8 THC has a milder effect on the body and receptors, thus may assist in relaxation.

Rate of absorption and reaction

Although the duo shares a similar structure with a difference in the arrangement of atoms, it is quite interesting how Delta-9 THC exhibits a more pronounced and faster reaction rate than Delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC delivers a smoother but slower effect when compared with Delta-9 THC. 


When compared with Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC provides a smooth but subtle high which is needed for pain relief and reducing the levels of anxiety. It is also great for relaxation and pain relief. Delta-8 THC is regarded as safe thus, making it legal in regions where THC is illegal. To determine its possible side effects on the body, scientists may have to conduct more in-depth research on the cannabinoid. At the time of writing this article, no adverse side effects have resulted from using Delta-8 THC.

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Can I combine CBD with Delta-8 THC?

Combining CBD and Delta-8 THC in the same product is a great idea since it promotes the activity of both compounds while providing an entourage effect. Note that CBD helps to balance the activity of other cannabinoids, including THC thus reducing their psychoactive effects. A good combination of CBD and delta-8 THC should provide a smooth effect with little or nothing to worry about.

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Just like CBD, Delta-8 THC products are available as capsules, oils, gummies, vapes, lollipops, and more. These products provide a fun way to get access to an excellent THC dose without stress. The gummies provided by Diamond CBD come in different concentrations that take care of the need for dosing. All you need to do is take one or two, and your daily dose of Delta-8 THC is met.

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